Tri Tac Games Update: Savage Worlds Fringeworthy Production

John Reiher's ongoing Conversion of Fringeworthy to Savage Worlds.
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Tri Tac Games Update: Savage Worlds Fringeworthy Production

Postby kedamono » Mon Oct 06, 2014 6:05 pm

This week I talk about the recent changes made to the Savage Worlds Fringeworthy playtest rules.
  • Update Campaign Types for Portal Book 4: Talked to Richard Tucholka and at this time, I'm not going to make any radical changes to the Campaign Types. Just editing for content.
  • Add UN Budget Rules for Early Years: Added and they definitely need another set of eyes to review and comment on.
  • Update UNIDA description: Didn't get it done. Too much other stuff going on.
  • New: Added Freelancer Character class. A new class of mercenary drifters who work for themselves.
Things to do next week:
  • Start on sandbox for Alt 0,2: Victorian 2 Earth/American Rebellion Earth
  • Create Archetypes for Fringeworthy
  • General Editing
Update again next Sunday!

Links: Fringeworthy Google Drive Folder
Savage Fringeworthy Design Facebook Page

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