Savage Fringeworthy: Crystal Use/Crystal Powers

John Reiher's ongoing Conversion of Fringeworthy to Savage Worlds.
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Steve Wollett
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Savage Fringeworthy: Crystal Use/Crystal Powers

Postby Steve Wollett » Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:09 pm

I ran Savage Fringeworthy at GenCon this year and used characters generated by different people on the Dev team. I noticed that some characters had the Crystal Use skill along with Crystal powers. While I agree the skill is needed I do not understand the reasoning behind the powers. The Crystals are devices not unlike a modern Smart Phone. They allow you to detect things, act as keys, in some cases even as weapons. In Savage Worlds you are not required to spend character points to buy the power "Telecommunication" when you get a Smart Phone. You do not buy the power "Navigation" for your GPS. These powers are built into the device. You use a skill to access the powers but the device is the power source and should be all that is needed. Anyone who is Fringeworthy can pick up a Crystal and potentially use it for its designated purpose. By making the individual Crystal powers unique to the character, you take away the joy of finding an alien artifact and making use of it. In addition you short change the character of his much needed character points.
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Re: Savage Fringeworthy: Crystal Use/Crystal Powers

Postby kedamono » Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:40 pm

Think of these powers as being more like skills that the user must learn how to use to get access to those extra abilities above Find Fringeworthy or Locate Portal. There are rules on how to learn to use a new power for no points. Its a matter of trying to use a potential power and have the right crystal key that supports that power. Remember that while the key supports a power, you have to use your mind to access that power if you know how to use that power.

This is inline with other powers in Savage Worlds.
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