Who you gonna call? Bureau 13!

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Who you gonna call? Bureau 13!

Postby kedamono » Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:44 am

So, we talk about how most stories are true in the Bureau 13 universe (within reason of course). So is Toy Story true as well? Do toys come to life when humans aren't around?

So let's say Yes, otherwise we're done with this topic. :-)

So toys have lives outside of their being toys. Their roles pretty much follow their characters. Sergeant Slaughter is a soldier, and Barbie is a fashionista. Interesting.

Toys can only move and interact when humans are not close enough to see or hear them. As soon as humans get close enough, they freeze. This includes cameras. If there is a chance a human could see them move or talk, they freeze. Only in extreme circumstances can toys move in the presence of humans. Or if the toy is very old and well loved.

So, there was this movie in the 1980's that spawned a cartoon show, that spawned a line of toys.


In 1986, Kenner released the Ghostbusters line of action figures. And these toys had a special purpose: To seek out and capture spirits, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures, or at least the toy versions of them. Now, 30 years later, there are a small cadre of these plastic supernatural hunters. They do their best fighting the "toy ghosts" with their surviving equipment.

Of course they are dependent on newer ghosts, as the older ghost toys end up getting lost or broken and recycled. That's OK, they know that replacements for them are on their way, so they are doing their best to keep the spirits in control.

That is, until they encountered real ghosts of destroyed toys.

The scenario starts with the Player Character on the team known to have toys that they play with. It's important that they play with their toys, otherwise all those figurines are just that, figurines and not "Toys".

They enter their office/room/workspace/whatever and along with their normal collection, there's a new toy in the mix. A vintage 1986 Egon Spengler. As soon as they are not looking at him, he will, in the voice of Maurice LeMarche say, "I know we normally don't work with you folks, but, we need the Bureau's help."

They will have an interesting conversation between the two of them, as Egon will explain the toy's predicament. Of course part of the problem is that the ghosts of toys also disappear when humans are around. So how to solve this issue?

When questioned, Egon will admit that toys have souls, just like people, in fact he thinks some toy souls may have been humans and vice a versa. (Ooh, reincarnation includes toys!) And if the players don't suggest this, Egon will. There are ways to swap souls between bodies.

It works best if both parties are willing and if they know each other. Yes, that means the PCs will have to contact mom and dad to see if they still have their old toys, or maybe they already have them. The PC Egon originally talks to definitely has several to choose from.

They just need someone who can do the spell and swap their souls between the Agents and their Toys.

When I run this, I will have short cutaway scenes where the players get to play the toys inside human bodies. And to make it even better, the PC playing the toy won't the same player that plays the PC. :-)

As they say, hilarity ensues...

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