Bureau Personas: The White Witch of Fremont

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Bureau Personas: The White Witch of Fremont

Postby kedamono » Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:33 pm

The White Witch of Fremont, is Sarah Gallagher, 60 years old, and is the head of the Fremont Coven. She and her fellow witches, exact number I never set, so let's make it an even 14 of them, men and women, anyhow, the Coven does low level enchantments and basically keep things Real in Fremont.

That means explaining Fremont, a neighborhood in Seattle. Here's a link to their official website, http://fremont.com, and googling Fremont, Seattle, will bring up lots of info. It's the weirdness magnet of Seattle. And the Coven tries to keep it that way.

Sarah herself is a bit matronly, and knows of the Bureau, as she sent one of her pupils, Stefano Renault, to work with the Bureau. She runs a shop in Fremont, "Sarah's Seraphs", off of the main street, where she sells "magic" items. Nothing for real, but she does make a wicked camomile tea mix that will calm you down and put you sleep if you drink enough of it.

If you are a practitioner of the arts, she has her backroom where the good stuff is. The Coven has a magical herb garden hidden in a magical "don't look here" field, which they renew monthly. Otherwise a half acre lot on the Ship Canal would appear. Only the Coven and those they invite can visit the garden.

She keeps her finger on the pulse of the neighborhood, and is on speaking terms with both the native pixies and the European pixies that have moved in. She's also on good terms with the Fremont Troll. She knew him before he got sealed in concrete by a previous Seattle team.

Personality wise, she views the Bureau as a necessary evil, but treats all agents, unless they prove otherwise, to be decent people on the short end of the stick. If approached politely and respectfully, she will be willing to let the Team know of any magical events she or other coven members have noticed or encountered.

The other Coven members are a bit skittish, and don't like being outed, so unless there is a major threat, or you see them at the garden, the team won't meet them.

In Savage Worlds term, she's a Veteran and has access to several Veteran level powers. Spellcasting at d12, Smarts d12, Spirit d10, Edges: Arcane Background, Alertness, Improved Rapid Recharge, Wizard, Connections (The Fremont Coven).

The Fremont Troll is another source of information, after 1AM in the morning. That's when he finally unfreezes from the sun and is a font of knowledge, he's been in the area since the last ice age. But, it's a quid pro quo exchange, you want some important info, you have to give him some of equal value in exchange. And he knows all about the Bureau.

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