Tales From The Loop: Roleplaying In The '80s That Never Was

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If you are looking for an RPG to recreate the recent Netflix show, Stranger Things, or some of the classic '80s movies like, E.T. or The Goonies you may be looking for Tales From the Loop

Players take on the role of a 10-15 yr old kid, who will ride around with friends solving mysteries.  Many of which might be related to the building of a large particle collider ("The Loop") in various locations around the Earth (the default setting being the Malaren Islands in Sweden and Boulder City, Nevada in the USA).  There are some anti-grav freighters and large walking robots, but most technology is just as we remember it.

Of course, the kids cannot die, only be incapacitated at worst.  The GM doesn't even roll dice, just explains what kind of Trouble the kids are facing ("The bully, Billy Kapowski is headed your way and he seems angry.") and has them roll some appropriate skill to see if they can get a 'Success' (that being a roll of '6' on a 1D6).  It is a Dice Pool game at heart, so often you are rolling 3-6 dice and any extra success can grant some type of bonus (extra information if you were hacking a computer for example). 

For damage, the kids take 'Conditions' that subtract 1D from any roll they make, until they simply can't succeed and shut down. 

There are 8 archetypes, such as the Book Worm, the Jock, the Rocker, the Popular Kid, the Computer Geek, and so on.  Only one type per group, so everyone has a role to play at one point or another. 

In play, I've found it interesting how the kids must work around school, teachers, parents, and other adults who never believe there is anything odd going on and are usually less than helpful.   There is a charm to this RPG and it certainly plays out much different than most RPG experiences (the kids probably won't be taking out a security guard by force for example).  Actually, a Doctor Who campaign would probably be one of the closer campaign styles to Tales From the Loop. 

I don't see this as the kind of RPG you'd run a 3-5 year campaign on, but rather as a one-shot or mini-campaign of 3-5 adventures in between other more standard RPG gaming. 

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