The agents were professional, and Tri Tac cooperated with them. Computers were not touched. (It is a federal law that a writers "Works in Progress" may not be taken.) They removed plastic Bureau 13 ID badges from a display shelf and versions of a Department of Justice ID badge produced by Databank Press.

In preparation for another government visit, Mr. Tucholka informed his lawyer, alerted the media, and set an extra pot of coffee to brew for the agents if they returned.

Two days later Tucholka was informed that the Federal Prosecutor would not be pressing charges for the badges because there was no malice or intent in their production. A file was established at the FBI with these badge examples for future reference of subversive activities. He was instructed to send in all production copies and masters, as well as destroy the ID Badge Graphics Files in question.

Rich Tucholka shook his head and said "Only an idiot could think these badges were real. Wonderful to see my tax dollars at work."