Last Updated 06/17/2007
Still I Rise Maya Angelou  
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water By Frankie Armstrong  
You Fit into Me Margaret Atwood
W. H. Auden
Prince Lir's Song Peter Beagle  
T.S. Elliot
Police Haiku Syndi Gropp  
Marilyn Hacker
Timothy Maloney
Asymmetric Musings on Ineffable Matters... Mel Natcher  
Mel Natcher
Mel Natcher
Mel Natcher
Ode to Cheese    Mel Natcher  
Mel Natcher
Rhonda Mel Natcher  
Pablo Neruda
Mary Oliver
Wild Geese Mary Oliver  
The Way   Seung Sahn  
Snow White to the Prince Delia Sherman  
Balance & Boundaries Meredith Skye  
Su Tung P'o 
Yin and Yang Kenneth Rexroth
The Waking    Theodore Roethke  
For One Who is Tired Janice E. Schmidt  
After a While Veronica Shoffstall  
Zhahai Stewart
Married Love Kuan Tao-Sh êng  
A Prayer Sarah Teasdale  
The Long Hill Sarah Teasdale  
Prayer for this House Untermeyer & Quaile