Aliens from another galaxy have landed and are taking mankind to lunch. We leave you with this training manual to help you fight the oppressors who have taken over our world.

We know that only a few copies of this manual, disguised as a RPG , will be released, so guard them well. If our Guests learn that you have them, you will vanish the way most of our staff at Tri Tac has. All are gone now except me. The last editor was taken a few hours ago. I will not be taken alive. It is now up to you.

On CD in PDF format, to print on  your own computer.   Dice not included.

Alien invaders have landed on our planet. Only you can stop the invaders before they turn the world into a polluted polyester hell! The invaders are cruel and resourceful. They have come to turn our world into an interstellar tourist trap.

They have taken our bodies and have moved into our neighborhoods. These tasteless slobs have been decorating cars with hot pink stripes, and have been bringing back plastic flamingos and Disco. They have been eating our cats!

Given time, they will take over all that is human and destroy it. They are the ultimate vandals, who must be exterminated!

The few humans who have discovered the secrets of the invaders have found unusual allies in the form of Beach Bunny Bimbos from California, Texas, and Florida. These rare (and beautiful) individuals can easily spot an invader, regardless of how long it has been here or how perfect its disguise.

Most Beach Bunnies realize that they must help the rebels destroy
this menace no matter how groady the situation gets, because
our way of life, shopping malls, and beaches will perish from the
earth if the invaders succeed.

                                                                  is an Epic Role Playing Game of cunning, stealth, and superior firepower. You can take back the planet if you have the guts!

TTG#5020           $12.95
Beach Bunny Bimbos & Guests