Welcome to the Not So Far Future where Machines and Humanity wage a bloody war  of  survival.

   This  is  the  chronicle of total war, where humanity unites against a common enemy. As the machines awaken and began the wholesale extermination  and enslavement of man, unlikely heroes arise to meet the challenge and take back our  world.

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HURADICATOR is a Role Playing CONCEPT Module complete in 24 pages. Core Rule System and Polyhedral Dice are not included. With minor modification, these adventures are compatible with any other Modern Science Fiction or Horror Style RPGs.



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Alien invaders have landed on our planet. Only you can stop the invaders before they turn the world into a polluted polyester hell! They have taken our bodies and have moved into our neighborhoods. These tasteless slobs are intent on bringing back the worst of the ‘80s, complete with plastic flamingos and Disco. And they have been eating our cats!

Given time, they will take over all that is human and deface or destroy it. They are the ultimate vandals, who must be exterminated!

The few humans who have discovered the secrets of the invaders have found unusual allies in the form of
Beach Bunny Bimbos. These rare (and beautiful) individuals can easily spot an invader, regardless of how long it has been here or how perfect its disguise.

Beach Bunny Bimbos with Blasters is an Epic Role Playing Game of cunning, stealth, and superior firepower.
You can take back the planet, if you have the guts and the babes!

“Totally remastered for 2014, fully indexed and updated.  The new BBBwB is like no Tri Trc project you have ever seen.  Stunning graphics, full color, and extensive editing make this one of the most amazing upgrades of a Tri Tac product that you will ever see.
     – Richard Tucholka, CEO of Tri Tac Games.

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TTG#3083               $12.95 New Spells      New Weapons      New Vehicles      New Types of Agents      New Monsters      New Equipment      New Magic PLUS Supply Dumps, Friends and Foes, Hell Holes, Wands, Cryptozoology, Battle Codes, the Secret History of the World, other Supernatural Agencies, Forbidden Occult Items, Spy Tech and LOTS more! Compatible with ANY RPG SYSTEM!
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