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Check out our new product, Tri Tac Genesis! The original Big Three in Tri Tac RPGs – the original 1980’s editions of Fringeworthy, FTL:2448 and Stalking the Night Fantastic (Bureau 13) – together again for the first time!  A must have for any Tri Tac completist and only $12.95 for all three!

FTL: 2448 is a complete role playing game. Each of the main sections is 192 pages in length, and includes 30 different races, complete rules for generating new worlds and star systems, and much, much more.

While Section 1 concentrates mainly on character generation and skill selection, Section 2 provides the background data necessary for your campaign, including: Starships, Star Charts, Ship-Builder, Colony: 2448, Emergency Medical Rescue, Cop: 2448, Space Navy, Enemy Stars, Star Pirates, and a lot more! Addendums 1-3 include the lost races book, with nearly 100 more pages of history, aliens, and background to add even more richness and depth to your gaming experience.

$17.95 ONLY
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